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What is ter·cet? (tûr′sĭt)? Tercet? English-language haiku is an example of an unrhymed tercet poem.

Our Services

Game Design

We build games in Unity, Flash, and HTML5

Web Design

We build responsive HTML5 and CSS3

Web Graphics

We build static, Flash and HTML5 stuff

Print Design

We create designs that live in the "real" world

Motion Graphics

We create motion graphics and animations

Project Management

All projects wrangled by a producer

and more...

Competitive rates for professional results. Please contact us for a consultation and a copy of our rate card.
We love to give back, so ask us about our Non-Profit discounts.
We are always looking for the right people to do stuff with. Contact us about our latest opportunities.

Tercet really is just the best word, right? It's so totally great. Love it.

Tercet Studio is a creative concern offering a range of services for an vaguely worded interactive world.

Meet the Team

  • Jason Henrickson Tank

    Henrickson is a digital design professional and a lifelong gamer, with degrees in both graphic design and computer science. His portfolio includes games and websites for Fortune 500 mega-super-uber companies with laser eyes.

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  • Eric Leuschner Healer

    Leuschner has over 70 game production credits and millions of gameplays to date. With former clients like Adult Swim and Nickelodeon, who needs work? Wait, that came out wrong.

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  • Bennett Durfee DPS

    Alumni of Massive Black, the Safehouse Atelier, and Cornish College of the Arts, Durfee has mentored for students of the International Academy of Design Technology. He understands how this s*** works.

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  • Michael Stahl Crowd Control

    Stahl brings to the table degrees in fiction and sculpture, project management experience in commercial fabrication and public art, and game design wisdom from the outer planes.

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If you are interested in Tercet Studio and our current whereabouts, please say hi.

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About Tercet Studio

Tercet Studio is a creative concern offering a range of vaguely worded services for an interactive world.

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